Spot Differences Between Genuine and Imitation Beads

Spot Differences Between Genuine and Imitation Beads

That’s a tough calling! How would you ever know that the gemstone you are wearing in your ring finger or as a part of your necklace is genuine or fake? Nobody wants to be deceived for artificial gems at the price of real ones. This requires the buyer to be smart!

The First Glance

As silly as it may seem, but you need to pay special attention to the beads at the very first glance.

How is an imitation bead prepared? Imitation gemstones are prepared in laboratories and are sold at high prices to fool the customers. However, an easy way to find whether a gem is real or imitation is to find flaws. A flawed gemstone would be genuine and natural. Why? Because only natural things have flaws. Human-made gems are made in laboratories with care and detailing, unlike natural gems found deep within the Earth’s surface.

The Shine, And Weight

Pay attention to the shine of the beads in hand. If the beads are dull, congratulations, they are probably real gemstones. However, if you find your gemstones excessively alluring and shining, then it is perhaps the chemicals doing their job right.

Let’s discuss the weight of the gemstones. If you are standing at a gemstone store searching for real gemstones, and all the gems you pick are heavily weighted, you must not spend a single penny there. Human-made gemstones are bulkier.

Trusted Companies

This point is entirely subjective but must be taken into consideration. You must look for companies that are known for their reliability in jewelry. Making a purchase from a trusted source always sounds like a good idea, isn’t it?

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