Mix Match Clothing with Beads

Mix & Match Clothing with Beads

The versatile beaded jewelry just goes about with anything. The wide range of options in beaded jewelry goes with any clothing or attire. From high neckline shirts to cap-sleeve blouses to turtleneck tops, beads can beautify any look. Whether you want a classy look or street look, just choose the right piece of jewelry, and you are good to go.

The most convenient thing about beads is that they don’t have to match the outfit you are wearing. They just naturally blend with any color and fashion. The popularity of beads is not limited to only women. It is trending among men too. A thick string of bead bracelets goes perfectly with a pair of jeans and a casual t-shirt for men. The versatility of bead jewelry makes it go with any attire and clothing and in every generation. Some of the styles you can adopt are:

Outfit for Summer Evenings

We all love wearing loose fit dresses with light colors in summers. Now adding something that would enhance our comfortable look won’t be a bad idea. That’s where beaded jewelry comes into the picture. Summer clothing is the best thing to pair up with bead jewelry. From loose palazzos to low neck tops, from trendy tops to flared skirts, a beaded necklace, earrings, or a bracelet will give you the x-factor in your otherwise dull look. Turn a simple shirt into an outfit with the right piece of jewelry.

For men

What comes into mind when we hear the word jewelry? Women! The stereotypical image of women with jewelry is a passé thought. Now, even the men can pull off the jewelry if they chose wisely. Beaded bracelets or small beaded necklace goes perfectly with any casual jeans and t-shirt. Or if you are planning to wear it for special occasions, you can choose a thick beaded bracelet with bright colors like turquoise. Men who like wearing V-neck t-shirts can pair it up with a thin small beaded neckpiece.

Casual Look

There is a range of beaded jewelry available in different colors, sizes, and patterns that we can pair up every time with different clothing. They are incredibly comfortable and are the best choice to adorn your casual wear. People who like to create a unique look for themselves can choose from various unique colors such as creamy pink, tropical tones, tangerine, vivid yellow, turquoise blue, and many more. Wear a beaded neckpiece around a basic tee or a thick bracelet with a sleeveless top. If in a hurry and don’t feel like changing, just add beaded jewelry around the casual wear, and you are as new as before.

Classic Look

Bead jewelry burst the myth that only gold and diamond jewelry go well with classy looks. With our range of bead jewelry, from neckpiece to bracelets to rings to earrings, you can create the best elegant looks and be the center of attention. All you need is to pick the right piece of jewelry for the proper attire. A thin white bead necklace will go perfectly with corset gowns if you are going for an afternoon event. And if you want to dazzle at the night party, choose a bright colored bead necklace set with matching earrings and easily pull it off with any shimmering dress.

It all depends on how you match your clothing style with bead jewelry. Wear a single strand of beads, or try pairing thin beads with thick. You can consider braving one long strand or several strands. The choice is yours. All we give is endless options to choose from.

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