Know Whats Oh So Special About African Jewelry History

Know What’s Oh So Special About African Jewelry History!

Africa is a land of rich history. One essential component that makes its history even beautiful is its jewelry. The jewelry history dates back to more than a thousand years ago and is enough to enchant history lovers all across the globe. A fun fact here; the first shell beads discovered in a South African cave are around 75,000 years old!

Natural materials, like amber, ivory, bone metal, wood, shells, and hair, were used to create these tribal African jewelry pieces. This is probably what sets it apart. People wearing jewelry items made of wood, bones, hair, and other natural things is unique, right? You must admire the creative mindedness of those people who fashioned all these items into earrings and neckpieces.

Unlike other communities where jewelry is just ornamental, Africans use jewelry to symbolize different aspects of their life. This means that apart from wearing jewelry items to enhance beauty, they were also worn to represent a specific reason, such as symbolizing a community or telling a story. Moreover, climate, too, played a significant role in determining the jewelry of ancient African people. No wonder all these aspects make African jewelry history a must-read for every ornament lover!

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