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Jazron feels elated to present products that add value to your life. Rich quality is what we deal in, as we aim to hold a firm grip on our customers’ trust. We deal in exotic products like African jewelry items, Nigeran attire, medical equipment and more. All our products are highly recommended, and we feel overwhelmed to receive kind words flooding from customers daily. Pick any of our products, and you’ll know why we stand apart from the crowd. We are on a mission to expand our customer market while delivering excellent quality products.

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History Of Beading Culture

Since time immemorial, beads jewelry has been the symbol of beauty and classicism among women. Some beaded adornments symbolized status, while others symbolized religious significance. The art of bead-making traces back to 40,000 years ago. Ancient artisans strung beads together to create beautiful adornments like necklaces and earrings. 

Almost every continent has a history in bead-making, but Native Americans were distinguished in their beadwork art as they employed seed beads and other natural materials. Earlier artisan used hands to weave the beads, but with time, bead-making techniques became more advanced and included beading and crocheting. 

Jazron Beading Culture and Beading Jewelry

The beads that you see today are made of precious and semi-precious minerals, glass, paper, and even plastics. Beads can be carved, faceted, inlaid, and created with a manifold of #020101techniques. Today, beading is a popular art form. Beading experts or formally trained jewelers and artisans create jewelry items with beads. They use both silk and nylon varieties to knot the beads. For stringing larger gemstones and pearls, silk needle-cord is the most preferred one.

One of the exciting facts about beads is that different colors symbolize different meanings. For example, black bead indicates power and protection; white bead indicates light, truth, and purity; and gold bead indicates health, wealth, and power and so on. Each color reflects different positive energy.

Hand Made Beaded Jewelry Designs

Handmade jewelry is trending today, and people are buying it for every occasion. So why not buy the amazingly beautiful bead jewelry? The growing popularity of beaded jewelry is rising rapidly. Apart from being affordable compared to gold or diamond jewelry, beads will go perfectly with any attire or at any social gathering or wedding function. Beautiful bead adornments could be the best piece of jewelry you can gift your loved ones. The countless varieties of beads jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., make it a fantastic gift option. Unlike other delicate jewelry, they are relatively easy to store and doesn’t require maintenance. That is what makes bead jewelry a perfect combination of being classy and economical at the same time.

Handcrafted beaded jewelry is still in trend and will never fade away from fashion for years.  The exquisite collection of elegant beaded necklaces gives you a wide range of options to choose the gift for your mother, sister, wife, or any special friend. What sets bead jewelry apart is anyone from any walk of life can wear them. Beaded bracelets are positively trending among men. These unique pieces of jewelry go with any style and attire. Beads are exceptionally handcrafted jewelry as they are not produced in mass quantity, but each of them is crafted by skilled artists. Each piece of art varies in terms of size, shape, and pattern, making them unique. Embellish your attire with a unique piece of beaded artwork and shine like a star.

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